Custom Integrations

Omni-Channel Payments Designed for Developers
We offer you the gateway to simpler & faster payments integrations. We Speak Your Language

We know software development, and we know what developers need to make their lives easier. Thorough documentation. Sample code & helpful examples. A self-service sandbox. And knowledgeable technical support and advice for the payments side of things.

  • Comprehensive Technical Documentation

  • Self-service Sandbox

  • Technical payments expertise

POS & Automated Payments SDK
Whether you use Android, Linux or Windows, we have an off-the-shelf SDK waiting for you. Speed up your releases and avoid lengthy certifications by using our pre-certified abstraction layer for all your needs.

  • Android, Linux and Windows support

  • Form factors to suit many environments

  • Automated-ready solutions

Take Charge of Your Processing Fees

High-rate rewards cards are costing merchants a fortune.
Start Taking Charge by virtually eliminating those fees and rewarding your cash paying customers.