Take Charge Gateway

Take Charge of Your Processing Fees with Take Charge Virtual Terminal or Take Charge Hosted Payment Page
Use the Take Charge Gateway’s Virtual Terminal to process credit card and ACH payments online securely, efficiently, and effortlessly. With the Virtual Terminal, you canconveniently process payments anytime or anywhere from any computer or device with internet access. Simply input payment information and process securely with the Virtual Terminal.

A Dynamic, PCI Compliant Hosted Payment Page
Immediately reduce risk exposure and streamline your checkout process. Simple and secure, the Hosted Payment Page can reduce, or even eliminate custom web development needs.

Reduce your PCI scope, increase your payment security, and offer your business and customers a convenient checkout experience. Protect your business – protect your customers.

  • Dashboard
    A selection of “mini-reports” for info at-a-glance

  • Virtual Terminal
    Customizable fields, easy to use, and real time

  • Custom Receipts
    Customize the content of email messages

  • Reporting Tools
    Transaction history, searchable and sortable

  • API Access
    Transaction API, Querying API, Recurring API, BillPay API

  • Custom Fields
    Tag transactions with your own information

  • Mobile + Swipe
    Mobile Apps with swipe support

  • Bundle Processing
    Customizable layout, upload transaction spreadsheet

  • Hosted Checkout
    Use our payment form to reduce PCI scope

  • Shopping Cards
    Intergation tools for the top shopping carts

  • Take Charge Safe
    PCI Compliant Tokenization System

  • Recurring Billing
    Charge customers on a set structure

  • Partner Tools
    Manage your merchants through one easy interface

  • White Label
    Present your brand to your merchants

  • Boarding API
    Present your brand to your merchants
  • Tip Support
    Restaurants and more can add to a Sale amount to collect Tips
  • Invoice Manager
    Online bill presentment & payment system
  • Desktop Terminal
    Encrypted swipe application for PC’s
  • Encrypted Swipe
    End to End Encryption via API

  • Remote Deposit Capture
    Deposit checks without going to the bank
  • EMV/Chip Cards
    Now supported with TAKE CHARGE Desktop

Take Charge of Your Processing Fees

High-rate rewards cards are costing merchants a fortune.
Start Taking Charge by virtually eliminating those fees and rewarding your cash paying customers.