Our Core Values

Be Honest

Honesty is at the root of integrity, virtue, fairness, and honor. Honesty and integrity are Dream Machine’s defining qualities. We strive to do the right thing, acting with honesty and integrity in every interaction.

Respect and Gratitude

Respect for coworkers, merchants, and agents is essential to a good relationship. We do this by listening to them, taking their viewpoints into consideration, and delivering on our promises. And we are always grateful for the opportunity to serve others.

Yes, we can!

We are all about providing the best service possible in the merchant services industry. We embrace all challenges with a positive attitude. We work hard to go the extra mile in all things, at all times. Our positive attitude is shown by providing superior customer service, and engaging in community service—both as a company and as individuals.

Think big, stay small

We strive to be agile and nimble. Thus, quick and concise communication between groups, vendors, and agents is paramount. Sometimes companies leave behind these values when they grow and expand. Dream Machine insists on staying small enough so that our core values stay intact.

Embrace servant leadership

We focus on the growth of people, and their well-being. We believe that the quality of employees reflects on the quality of leadership. As employees are empowered they become more confident. This, in turn, helps them provide agents and merchants with the best possible experience.

Take Charge of Your Processing Fees

High-rate rewards cards are costing merchants a fortune.
Start Taking Charge by virtually eliminating those fees and rewarding your cash paying customers.