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Gift & Loyalty Programs

Programs for Any Size Business

Gift Cards

Boost revenue and connect with your customers

Brand Awareness

Customized cards with your logo and design

Loyalty Cards

Reward customers who are loyal to your brand

Customer Loyalty Programs and Gift Card Programs

Gift Card processing is the latest development in consumer payment systems. Replacing paper gift certificates, electronic gift cards were first used by large retail chains with tremendous success. Bryte has recognized that small and mid-size retailers and restaurants could benefit from a gift card program that doesn’t require a large investment, and we have responded with our Gift & Loyalty Solution. Our gift card solution offers an effective payment option to any size business.

With the easy implementation and effortless maintenance, the Gift & Loyalty Program eliminates the need for manual tracking and provides detailed reporting of cards issued and redeemed, allowing gift cards to be monitored effortlessly. The program has special advantages such as detailed reporting that gives merchants an accurate picture of their return on issued gift cards, and an improved refund policy by issuing refunds on gift cards.

Semi-Custom and Custom Card Options

With the gift card program from Bryte Payment Solutions, merchants can increase sales, attract new customers, build brand presence, and promote customer loyalty. Gift Card technology helps prevent fraud, enables improved sales and store credit tracking, and directs customer cash to the bottom line – even before delivering the product or service. This highly visible, popular payment option is a constant advertisement in customers’ wallets. Even after a card’s first use, remaining balances bring return visits, and since there is no cash back for partially used cards, merchants retain the revenue.

Brand Awareness

Generates brand awareness and promotional opportunities.

Mobile Payment Processing

Simplify transactions and management reporting with gift cards.

Reduce Fraud

Using gift cards helps rid the merchant of paper-based fraud.

Fund Automation

Gift cards automate electronic fund transfers between stores.

Semi-Custom Gift Cards

All the benefits of an electronic gift card without the cost of custom artwork. Several designs of gift cards, holders, and hangers are ready to be shipped to your business in as little as 72 hours. Create a package that is suitable for your business needs all for one low flat monthly fee.

Custom Gift Cards

You can provide us with custom artwork in one of our approved formats or we can do it for you and create high-quality customized gift cards with your logo and design. Your custom card becomes an attractive gift as well as a unique marketing piece, a miniature advertising billboard in the wallet of your customer!

Loyalty Cards

Your loyalty cards can also be created using a pre-approved format or your custom logo and colors. Small bonuses like coupons and free offers help your customers stay connected to you and your business.