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TakeCharge Lite

A Fully Cloud-Based  Commerce System


EMV & PCI Compliant + employee permissions.

White Labeling

ISO groups and merchants can rebrand Take Charge POS for their own brand.


Real-time terminal-centric reporting built in.

Take Charge of Your Processing with the Non-Cash Adjustment Fee

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Grow Your Business

TakeCharge Lite Program

The Take Charge program is a great way to pay almost $0 in monthly processing fees.

Made For Restaurant & Retail

The built-in tools are perfect for businesses in the food and retail industries.

Ready to Grow When You Are

When you’re ready to grow your POS system, you can add a kitchen printer, barcode scanner, and more.

Business Management

Inventory Management

Use Take Charge to view and manage your inventory.


Tools like employee reporting makes it easy to keep track of your staff.

Easy Item Editing

Easily edit your items via your point-of-sale device.

TakeCharge Lite Cloud Based, Smart Mobile POS Solutions

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